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We are definitely as concerned as you are with everything that's going on in the industry.  D2 Custom Terpenes was founded on 25+ years of holistic health and Chinese medicine, and we believe in only releasing products that are pure, natural, and safe for our clients and yours.  We've never used or promoted the use of PG, PEG, VG, MCT or Vitamin E Acetate, in our products or that which our clients produce.

For the past 10+ years that we've been in the industry, we've shown our clients, friends and family how to tell if a cart has been "cut" with the bubble test; and were extremely dismayed when thickeners started showing up in the market. These thickeners are not only bad for you, but were developed specifically with the intent to deceive the end consumer. 

All of our pure, natural/plant derived, isolate terpenes come to us tested to be free of pesticides, heavy metals. In addition we batch test for pesticides and heavy metals, just to be sure. They are also non-GMO, food grade, and are further certified Kosher. 

Please feel free to reach out to us if there are any other questions that you might have, or if there's anything we can do to help you move forward with D2.



In addition to our 100+ strain specific terpene profiles that replicate aroma & taste; We have formulations that target pain & inflammation with our Relief collection of Tincture & Topical Bases,  a new Topical Base for skin Rejuvenation, and more coming soon. 


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